Beautiful Art

Beautiful Art  - Performance by Ultrafuturo group, Academia Gallery, NAA, Sofia, 11.2005

Beautiful Art refers to an exhibition of Christo and Jeane-Claude at the National Academy of Arts. We have made the intervention few days after the opening. We commented on the way this exposition was presented before the society as well as on the general question that is valid for every artist around the world – “Should my art be only beautiful?”

While the exhibition of Christo and Jeanne Claude in the “Academy” gallery, the members of Ultrafuturo with the special participation of Alla Georgieva, color a white canvas with their own blood, after that the canvas is framed on a minimized reproduction of “the gates” of Christo. The piece was positioned in the middle of the gallery. 

The performance is aiming on the moral values of the criteria for esthetics of  Christo and Jeanne Claude.