Honeymoon Forever

A performance with Katya Damyanova on Europe Day, 09.05.2008 with the collaboration of Oleg Mavromatti, Maria Sheovska and Voyvoda
Murgash Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

Honeymoon Forever is a performance – anti-utopia of the perfectly straight borders of an "endless" semantic public platform. Performance – a cartography of the National Bulgarian hysterical paths, deleting one another without leaving a trace in the aristocratic blue of the Old Continent. Performance – a document of the pathological need of a 'beautiful new world'. The star made of wax in the inflatable round pool is sealed half with honey half with blood. It is cut out over the pattern of the historical "silhouette" of a red pentacle. It is put in motion by an electric engine.


Honeymoon Forever is a representation of the endless historical and political wanderings of Bulgarian leadership. We show this through a series of references using the dethroned socialist symbol as a vessel. It contains within it’s silhouette a honeycone injected with blood and honey. The star is set afloat helpless on a direction, semantic platform reminiscent of the shifting provisions of politics.


Honeymoon's pentagram - blood, honey, epoxy resin, plastic, 29x27.5x5 cm