Ice Muscle I, II

performances with the collaboration of Ultrafuturo group
03.12.2005 Sofia, Bulgaria with continuation on 04.12.2005 Sofia, Bulgaria

In commemoration to all hearts fallen into eternal sleep!
To all machines made of meat!
To all clogged by sediment and silt heart pumps!
Ice, Vladimir Sorokin, 2002

On his chest Anton Terziev makes a cut in the form of a cross. Drops of blood trickling down his body are gathering in an empty bank attached to Anton's body right at the bottom part of his chest.
The collected quantity is frozen and used in the rest part of the performance, in which the bank is attached back to the chest above the heart, and the red lump ice melts and flows out slowly. The performance is a video-instruction about the extraction of a 'formed cruelty and the transformations of its physical conditions.