Lie Detector I

A per­for­mance with the collaboration of Ultrafuturo group
Seslavci, Bulgaria, 2005. Courtesy of the artist

The “Pinoc­chio” mask is hand made by pa­pi­er-mache tech­nics, cov­ered in pieces from the New Tes­ta­ment.
The per­for­mance’s re­al­iza­tion is con­sid­ered in­side of small 16-th-cen­tu­ry church near Sofia. Kneel­ing at the site of its miss­ing al­tar the per­former wears the eye­less and mouth­less pap­er mask. The mask ac­tu­al­ly is stitched on­to his face with sur­gi­cal treat. In­tu­itive­ly the per­former finds the way out of the tem­ple, where the mask is re­moved.

This far­ci­cal grotesque per­for­mance among the or­tho­dox fres­coes falls be­tween the se­ri­ous­ness of the re­li­gion and the par­o­d­ic po­ten­tial of the­atre.
Svilen Stefanov/ Contemporary '06