A performance with the collaboration of Ultrafuturo group, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2007. Courtesy of the artist

Anton makes a cut on his forehead with a razor blade. Then he uses a few strips of linen, covered with thick oil paint to clamp a fake wound on his chest. While the blood from his forehead is trickling down, some paint is coming up through the bandages. In the end the performer writes with spray PAINTKILLER.

Paintkiller is a performance that takes a critical look at arts as an instrument for communication. It is rarely present where it’s needed. The act shows that in two stages:

- A bandage is placed intentionally far from a bleeding cut on my body. It is covered in thick, vivid oil paint and the blood left to mix the paint.

- Than i proceeds to write “paint killer” on a wall, it is wordplay with paint killer drug.



Installation view: The Conspiracy of the Castrates, exhibition of Ultrafuturo group (Аnton Тerziev, Boryana Rossa, Кatya Damyanova, Мiroslav Dimitrov, Оleg Мavromatti), April 2008


Paintkiller, detail