Raw Easter

Raw Easter - performance with Katya Damyanova, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006. Courtesy of the artist

The pathological drama of the church is that it involves you in an illusion, giving you the state of mind in which you are living with a substitute of the reality, apathetic to the truth.

But the truth is that His blood is always hyping, searching, provoking, attracting, revolting, but never leaves you indifferent.

The tradition dictates that we color boiled eggs in red*** before Easter and that’s what our concept is lying on. With our doing we are criticizing the Christian orthodox concept, which is depriving the archetype rituals of meaning, manufacturing cheap derivate, imitating and faking, with the potential to produce life just as much as the boiled “Easter egg”.


*As a Christian Religious symbol, the egg is considered as the tomb of Christ and the stone, which it moved. The Bulgarian understandings for the egg are that it is the symbol of the renewing process of nature, the everlasting cycle Life-Death-Life and later the egg was considered as the myth of Christ, for this death and reincarnation. Our ancestors believed that the egg possesses magical powers, in can cure diseases, uncharm spells and buff fertility.


** In one of the legends, under the cross of Christ, a hen laid an egg, The blood, which was dripping down colored the egg in red. In another legend Maria Magdalena went to Rome to Tiberius, so she can blame Pilate Pontius for allowing a unjust verdict. Tiberius insisted on prove for the reincarnation of a dead man. Maria Magdalena answered that as the egg dies for new life, so does Christ arise from his mortal body. And she gave his a red colored egg with the words:”Christ is Risen”. Tiberius( knowing the ancient philosophy and believing  in the “cosmic egg” from which the Universe was hatched) surprisingly answered “ Truly, He is Risen”.