Boarding House For Angels & Demons

Boarding House For Angels & Demons / Пансион за ангели и демони - installation, wood, paper, print, 60 x 40 x 20 cm, each piece, 2011. Courtesy of the artist


Modern business paradigms and demands that creep into every facet of live establish their rules in a ruthless manner. This means that if one wants to develop one`s career at some point compromises with one`s morals will have to be made. Such decisions leave behind a certain
fallout which the individual must bear and justify. In this justification one may use the terms "good" or "bad", but through the looking glass ofeconomics it is useless weight. For this purpose I have narrowed down to arrogant pragmatism the process with this project.  It is a new model of confession - a secular one. Different than the religious practices which offer consolation of souls, I visualize a method of un-authoritative cleansing.


Installation view: ISCP, Brooklyn, NYC, May 2011


Installation view: ICA, Sofia, 2012