People Only Recognize My Face When..


People Only Recognize My Face When My Ass Is Beat Up. If I Ain't Pluffy, They Don't Believe It's Me

oil on canvas, 30 x 40,5 x 2 cm, Anton Terziev, 2024

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part of Private Societies series of paintings and drawings (2017-)

Nowadays, identity happens through the technological crutches of social networks. the more one relies on and identifies with one's avatar, the more one's atavistic nature calls for revenge. when technology and primal instincts unite successfully, we now have the uncontrollable behavior of the individual intoxicated by his own impersonal triumph.
I found it interesting that in such a close up, the anonymous abundance of flesh, brimming over with muddy energy, the piece of the woman's hair and the frivolous hair of the cheap butt plug tale, are perfectly mixed into an Inseparable primal animal amalgam and looks more like a catastrophic landscape, much more than a trivial sex worker with a cheap and tasteless extension, posing for the insensitive camera eye.