Within a Hair’s of Death

На косъм от смъртта -  2010, чашки „петри”, коса на автора на 1-7 дни Photo: © the artist

Обратно на познатото Колкото повече, толкова повече (А.Милн),  “На косъм от смъртта” аргументира тезата Колкото повече – толкова по-малко.

Within a Hair’s of Death - set of 7 pieces, glass, hair, composition measures: 100 x 20 x 3 cm, 2010Anton Terziev. Photo: © the artist. Courtesy of the artist. Originals destroyed

Contrary to the all-purpose motto "the more the better" man never has enough. I illustrate this statement with my hair as evidence of my approach to the end of my personal history.
I use humor in the title of this composition to show that we can not do anything about the past but document it with the hope of changing it for others.

Never shown in public. Originals destroyed


Photo: © the artist

Photo: © the artist

Photo: © the artist

Installation view at at ISCP group exhibition, Brooklyn, NYC, 2011