FUCK LUCK, 4-pieces set, 2 x 12,5 x 9, 3 cm and 2 x 11, 5 x 8 cm, Edition of 5+5 AP, 2016Anton Terziev. Photo: © the artist. Courtesy of the artist
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The Bulgarian Sports Totalizator is the sole organization legally holding of the rights over the number games 5/35, 6/42 and 6/49. In "6 49" the participant aims to predict by one or more freely chosen by him numeric combinations, the six numbers in the numerical range from 1 to 49 which are to be drawn in the forthcoming draw, in which the participant will participate. The amount of the prize in each winning group depend son the number of combinations that have correctly predicted the winning combination. The six numbers i drawn in each block composes the title you can read from left to right.

 Installation view: IN THE LABELLING GAP ehxibition, 05 April 2016 - 08 May 2016, Sofia City Art Gallery, curated by Daniela Radeva Photo: © the artist