Modern Implements Of Labour 2

Modern Implements Of Labour 2 - silicone. Size: 50 x 45 x 14 cm, 2010, Anton Terziev. Photo: © the artist. Courtesy of the artist
installation view: 0 GMS Gallery - a collaborative project between the artists Steven Guermeur, Ivan Moudov and Kamen Stoyanov

Modern Implements Of Labour 2 was designed and took place at 0 GMS Gallery by the invitation of Ivan Moudov
Featured in the 0gms Gallery In A Drawer 2009/2013 catalog, 2014, published by Ciela

The work “Modern Tools of Labor – the Matrix” is an imprint of an object (a saw with teeth replaced by human teeth), which had not yet been produced at the time the show opened. The artist will make it and show it about a year later in his upcoming one-artist show in the gallery of the ICA-Sofia where in the 0gms drawer-gallery is located. Thus he is linking the two spaces; the drawer is transformed into a studio. The object whose matrix (mold) the artist is showing possesses an iconography that is present in many of his works. This is raw imagery related to the specific/symbolic aesthetics of pain that the author is transforming into a symbol for the power relations in society and the violence in the political existence of the human being. Vladiya Mihaylova - a curator and a cultural theorist

Modern Implements Of Labour 2 - poster. Photo: © the artist


Modern Implements Of Labour 2 - details. Photo: © the artist