Happy New Order

Happy New Order - a performance with Katya Damyanova and the collaboration of Ultrafuturo group, Sofia, Bulgaria, 31.12. 2007. Video, photography.  Courtesy of the artist

It is New Years Eve. Bulgaria is entering the European Union. At midnight of 31st of December, 2006,  Katya Damyanova, a member of the Ultrafuturo group, is writing the words “Happy New Order” onto Anton Terziev’s back. Katya is writing the letters with a hot soldering-iron, Anton sitting on a television. Meanwhile, the lead Bulgarian politicians and foreign VIPs speeches are on TV. It is all about our European Union entering. The spirits are high. Fireworks are displayed, champagne is poured; the nation is celebrating!

The Christian family of united Europe is admitting its prodigal sons!

Happy New Order!

... and the sequel one year later, 2008: