I Swam the Ocean and Didn’t Feel Anything

I Swam the Ocean and Didn’t Feel Anything / Преплувах океана и накрая не почувствах нищо - Size: 56 x 73 cm, mixed technique-silver oil, charcoal, acrylic and pencil on 300lb Fabriano Artistico paper, Anton Terziev, 2022 framed size: 62 x 83 cm. Property of Angel Todorov

Photo: © the artist

Title credit: Svetoslav Todorov - journalist, editor and writer

"For a few years now, we have this collaboration with artist Anton Terziev where i come up with the titles of most of his works, sometimes in the middle in the process. This one is a reference to Alzek Misheff and his 1977-1982 performance project Swimming Across The Atlantic." S.T

Part of NTFL series (2019-)

Foto material used: Alzek Misheff (The Swimming Pool,1977) performance photography

Alzek Misheff is well known in the international art world for the project Swimming Across The Atlantic, which was executed in the swimming pool of the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1982 while traveling on the route between London and New York.

In 1976 the name of the Bulgarian appeared in the book of the Italian art critic Achille Bonito Oliva "Europe/America: The different Avant-Gardes", presenting the most influential 30 European and 30 American artists. It includes another Bulgarian name - that of Christo.


(Бел.ред. След 70 минути messanger-разговор с Алцек Мишев понаскоро,  възхищението ми от личността му е само още по-високо.08.2022)