I Will Dance All Over Your Face


I Will Dance All Over Your Face  - mixed technique - charcoal, pencil, silver Schmincke oil and acrylic on 300lb Fabriano Artistico paper

Image size: 56 x 77 cm
Framed size: 62 x 83 cm

Anton Terziev

Photo: © the artist
Courtesy of the artist

Part of NTFL series (2019-) Bit martial  but so are the present times - no time for losers, neither in this dreadful war.

Title credit: Svetoslav Todorov - journalist, editor and writer
Featured in

Foto material used: UFC 193: Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Valerie Letourneau Staredown, 12.11.2015, Melbourne, Australia

Recent growth in the media visibility of female combat sport athletes has offered a compelling site for research on gender and sport media, as women in deeply masculinized sports have been increasingly placed in the public spotlight. Although scholars in the Anglophone West have offered analyses of the media framing of this phenomenon, little work has been done outside these cultural contexts. Thus, in this article, we offer a qualitative exploration of how Joanna Jędrzejczyk, a Polish champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has been represented in Polish media. Our findings reveal a relatively de-gendered, widely celebratory account, primarily framed by nationalistic discourse—findings we ascribe to both the particularities of the sport of mixed martial arts as well as the historic nature of Jędrzejczyk’s success. *


I Will Dance All Over Your Face is last shown at R.E.D - group exhibition at Arosita&Depoo, Sofia, Bulgaria, 09.02.2022, curated by JPank