Lie Detector I

Lie Detector I - а per­for­mance with the collaboration of Ultrafuturo group
Seslavci, Bulgaria, 2005, Anton Terziev. Photo: © the artist. Courtesy of the artist.

DVD video 10:04 min, Edition 5+1AP

The “Pinoc­chio” mask is hand made by pa­pi­er-mache tech­nics, cov­ered in pieces from the New Tes­ta­ment.
The per­for­mance’s re­al­iza­tion is con­sid­ered in­side of small 16-th-cen­tu­ry church near Sofia. Kneel­ing at the site of its miss­ing al­tar the per­former wears the eye­less and mouth­less pap­er mask. The mask ac­tu­al­ly is stitched on­to his face with sur­gi­cal treat. In­tu­itive­ly the per­former finds the way out of the tem­ple, where the mask is re­moved.

This far­ci­cal grotesque per­for­mance among the or­tho­dox fres­coes falls be­tween the se­ri­ous­ness of the re­li­gion and the par­o­d­ic po­ten­tial of the­atre.
Svilen Stefanov/ Contemporary '06

Featured at 50 international emerging artists, Contemporary annual magazine 2006 Photo: © the artist

Anton Terziev is one of the youngest emerging artists coming out of this plase. If i were you id keep a close eye on him. He majored in ceramics at National Art Academy of Sofia, but at the moment he is doing heaps of painting, perfromance and video. He is really into representing pop culture, and a llot of his works make political, religious and connsumerism references. He does this critically which goes beyond the usual pop-art wank. Can i swear this much? Point being, in this project he collaborated with some dudes called Ultrafuturo who are just into making art a vessel for their opinions. Anyway, he makes this mask right, covers it in text from the new testament, stitches it to his face, and than kneels out the front of this 16th century church in Sofia where the altar is missing. The long nose represents Pinnochio. Eventually he finds his way out of the temple etc mask is removed. To me, being all euro, this is a serious fuck off gesture to the ways of church which is so deeply embedded in ithat old culture which still has 16th century churches around. It would lhabe beein really interesting to see reactions of other people in that town would have commented on the way youth sees the world today.

Weekly responces to artists in International Contemporary Art  journals, South Australian School of Art, Adelaide Australia 2007

Anton Terziev is a rear example of the art-scene in Sofia of artists dealing with direct action in public space ort in front of a camera.
Art Generator 2007 Macedonia

DVD copy of this perf is part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Art Department Libraries

пърформанс на Антон Терзиев с участието на група Ултрафутуро(Станислав Ганчев-Тroyt, Мирослав Димитров, Боряна Росса, Олег Мавроматти, Катя Дамянова) Photo: © the artist, манaстир Сеславци, 2005

В Сеславския манастир “Св.Никола”, Антон е коленичил на мястото на липсващия олтар. Пред лицето си придържа маска от папие-маше, без отвори, с дълъг и остър като на Пинокио нос, високо вдигнат към средновековните стенописи. Маската е направена от страници от Новия завет. На лявата и дясната и страна са продупчени по две дупки. На масичка до Антон, в метална чиния със спирт са разположени хирургически инструменти: игла, конец, щипци, ръкавици. Манипулациите по зашиване на маската върху лицето на Антон извършва Мирослав Димитров. Когато маската се държи сама на конците, Антон се изправя и тръгва бавно към изхода на манастира. Катя Дамянова го насочва по пътя. Отвън той застава с гръб към църквата. В края на пърформанса Мирослав и Катя отрязват конците на маската.

This pseudo horror picturesque archive photo has nothing to do with the Lie Detector performance. Just fun time from the same period. Photo: © the artists Encaptured artists: Anton Terziev, Boryana Rossa, Oleg Mavromatti


Selected group performances:

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Art festival “ARTGENERATOR”, Shtip, Macedonia, a presentation of Ultrafuturo by Katia Damianova, 04.2007

THE PERFECT PAINTER”- a performance,(Katia Damianova, Anton Terziev, Oleg Mavromatti “Dauhaus club”, Sofia, Bulgaria, idea Anton Terziev, 05.02.2007

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 " I WANTED TO BE A HUMAN"- a performance, (Katia Damianova, Anton Terziev), National Polytechnic Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria, 05. 02. 2006

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 " BEAUTY-FULL ART" -a performance,( Katia Damianova, Anton Terziev, Oleg Mavromatti, Alla Georgieva) Gallery “Academy”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005

 "WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE CIRCLE"- an action, (Katia Damianova, Anton Terziev, Oleg Mavromatti, Miroslav Dimitrov), Gallery “ Circle +”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005

 " NOT A WAR, NOT A PEACE" -an action, (Katia Damianova, Anton Terziev, Oleg Mavromatti), in front of The National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 2005

 "ESTABLISHING OF A NATIONAL MOVEMENT ULTRAFUTURO" - an action, (Katia Damianova, Anton Terziev, Oleg Mavromatti, Alla Georgieva, Miroslav Dimitrov, Stanislav Gantchev), 2005

 “ PIGMALION” – a bio-art installation, (Katia Damianova, Anton Terziev, Oleg Mavromatti, Boriana Rossa, Stanislav Gantchev), ATA Gallery, Sofia, idea Katia Damianova, 2005

 EUROPEAN TONGUE” – a performance of Katia Damianova& Ultrafuturo,  under the flags of the European Union, Sofia, 2005

 “A PLAY ON NOTIONS”, a performance(Katia Damianova, Anton Terziev, Oleg Mavromatti), Discussion club ”The Granary”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005

 " LIE DETECTOR 2 "- a performance of Anton Terziev&Ultrafuturo, in the Seminary, Sofia, Bulgaria,  2005

 “BABYLON FISH” – a performance (Oleg Mavromatti, Katia Damianova, Anton Terziev) idea Oleg Mavromatti, 2005

 " LIE DETECTOR 1 "-, a performance of Anton Terziev&Ultrafuturo in the monastery “St. Nicholas”, Seslavci, Bulgaria, 2005

 "FIRE BALL"- a performance (Anton Terziev, Katia Damianova, Miroslav Dimitrov), idea Oleg Mavromatti, 2004

   ::TV and RADIO / Selected::

 SHAKER, MM TV, 2007


THE HOUR OF MILEN TSVETKOV – life, TV Nova, (2006)

ART-ETHER life, National Bulgarian Radio, Horizon Program (2006)

IN SPITE OF, life, Radio France International (RFI), Sofia (2006)

ART-ETHER life, National Bulgarian Radio, Horizon Program (2006)

ART TODAY, life, National Bulgarian Radio, Stara Zagora, (2005)



Newspaper “The Sofia Echo”,#6, 2006

Newspaper “24 hours”,# 266,2006, “How to talk to a thistle”, an article for 

Newspaper "Trud", #76, 2006
Newspaper “Dnevnik”,#192, 2005, “An art on thorns” , an article for the bio art project “Pigmalion

Newspaper "39 Grama”,#13, 2006 - “Extremely” /“European tongue”/

Newspaper "Shou", #49, 2005

Magazine "Guiliver" #18, 2005 –“the Taming of the shrew” ,an article for the bio art project “Pigmalion

Newspaper 24 HOURS, 1.7.2006 – “Bulgarian artists will cut off and freeze their fingers

KULTURA Newspaper, #46 (2396), 1.12.2005 - “Antichristo or Antihristo”, ULTRAFUTURO

KULTURA Newspaper, #43 (2393), 9.12.2005 - “Christo or Hristo”, Vladia Mihailova

Behind the scenes - Stanislav Gantchev - TROIT, 17.06. 2005 Photo: © the artist

Behind the scenes, 17.06. 2005 Photo: © the artist

Behind the scenes - Boryana Rossa, Miroslav Dimitrov, Anton Terziev, 17.06. 2005 Photo: © the artist

Behind the scenes, 17.06. 2005 Photo: © the artist

Behind the scenes - Boryana Rossa, Miroslav Dimitrov, Anton Terziev, Oleg Mavromatti, Staislav Gantchev- TROIT, photo credit: Katya Damyanova. Seslavtci 17.06. 2005 Photo: © the artist

Another funny pic by that time. Stanislav Gantchev TROIT, Boryana Rossa, Oleg Mavromatti, Anton Terzev. Photo: Katya Damyanova Photo: © the artists