Pigmalion is a bio-art installation with Katya Damyanova and with the collaboration of Ultrafuturo group
installation view: Center for Contemporary Art- ATA, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005. Courtesy of the artist

Pigmallion is a multichannel installation and the first bio-art project in Bulgaria. It is an ambitious undertaking with symbolic, futile and grand aspirations. It applies the very basic mechanism of education to a batch of isolated in a special chamber cotton thistle plants in the hope of grooming them.
Besides assuring of ideal conditions for their growth the chamber is fed electrical impulses translated from the sound-waves of recorded lectures red by Katia – the main performer. A view of this breeding process is presented through multiple portholes in the canopy cover around the chamber and it`s supporting equipment. Also an osciloscope gives view of Katia`s transformed speech. Pigmallion makes a metafore about the expectations of society on the individual ans specifically about Bulgaria's integretation in Europian Union, in 2007. How no one needs a rebel, and what must man shed himself of in order to be accepted amongst others.


Poster by Oleg Mavromatti (Ultrafuto group)


"The Ideal Flower" Ultrafuturo's short movie is filmed right before the BG participation to the EU, 2007 and is a part of bio-art-video installation 'Pigmalion"