EUphoria - DVD video, exerpt 1 - 5:01 min, exerpt 2 - 5:01 min, Edtion 5+2AP, 09.05.2009г., Anton Terziev, Katya Damyanova, Sofia Photo: © the artists

Каква част от  химна на Европа (Ода на радостта) бихте изсвирили за 1 евро? Предложението отправихме към няколко улични музиканти, по случай 9-и май денят на Европа.

Dedicated to Europe Day, 9th May or how much would you play out of the anthem of Europe for 1€?
On the 9th of May, European Union day, 10 musicians participated in the performance – parts of the 9th Beethoven’s symphony and they all got their euro for this. All has been documented in a 9 minute movie. Courtesy of the artists


excerpt 1


excerpt 2

Never shown in public