A Dаy Will Come

An action by Anton Terziev, Katya Damianova-Terzieva, Toma Markov and Teodora Nikolaeva
01.05.2006,  Boris' Garden, Sofia, Bulgaria. Courtesy of the artist

When did you find out you have become into a victim?
Do you have to do something that you don’t want to?
Are you satisfied with the cast iron rules?
Why do you want to work, to be called anyhow and to have a profession?
Why do you accept being in the game?
Don’t you think your one surely guaranteed prize is that you are going to lose?
What do you need money for when you haven’t enough time to spend it?
Are you scared you only work but you don’t live?


Until the very present day, no one have suggested anything else, no one knows how the term “job”  itself  to be removed, how to encroach on the base.

The revolution will become true revolution only when the name “job” – insense of working for money, earning one’s living - disappears.

 Edward Limonov