Glory Be


Glory Be / Да пребъде слава - oil on canvas. Size: 130 x 100 cm, Anton Terziev, 2019 (Foto material used: Gabriele Andriulli's personal IG photos)

Title credit: Svetoslav Todorov - writer, editor, correspondent
Photo: © the artist. Courtesy the artist
Drawings from the seria
Part of NTFL series (2019-)
Last shown at Success and Succession solo exhibition ot Balabanov's house, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2020

(There is a lot of visual influencies here, specially Bernini's Estasi di santa Teresa d'Avila (1645-1652) and Moby' video clip 'Natural Blues' ft. Christina Ricci)


Photo: © the artist

Образите на Антон Терзиев в „Малки победи/Small Victories“ са част от един свят, без да съжителстват заедно. Те се движат по различни повърхности, в различно време от деня, имат да ви кажат различни неща. Някои от тях реализират себе си чрез най-деструктивните си черти, други ги превъзмогват с различна скорост и поглеждат към изхода. В хода на озаглавяването на картините, разбрах, че издържат под поп-културна обвивка и не се плашат от лек черен хумор. Обединява ги динамиката – в рисунките и картините виждаме присъствие и следи от различни действия, моменти на себеосъзнаване и самозалъгване, показване и скриване, гордост и срам. В работата си Терзиев сякаш намеква, че най-трудно е бягството от личните страхове, от опцията да нараниш, да превърнеш гнева и разочарованието в съзидателна сила. Или поне да им сложиш маска или утешителен медал. Малките победи за един са големи за друг. Обратното също е валидно.

Светослав Тодоров – журналист, редактор и писател

Glory Be - detail. Photo: © the artist

In 'Small Victories' the characters of Anton Terziev's works seem like a part of a single world but without coexisting next to each other. They move on different surfaces, at different times of the day, they have different things to say. Some of them realize themselves through their most destructive features, others overcome them at their own pace and search for the exit. In the course of captioning the paintings, I learned that they don't succumb under a pop cultural interpretation and are not scared of some black humor.

The dynamics unite them - in the paintings and drawings here we feel the presence and scars of different actions, moments of self-awareness and self-deception, coming out and hiding, pride and shame. In his work, Terziev seems to suggest that the most difficult thing to do is to escape from one's personal fears, from the option to hurt or to turn anger and disappointment into a creative force. Or at least put on a mask or a comforting medal so you can move on. The small victories for one are essential for someone else. The opposite is also true.

Svetoslav Todorov - journalist, editor and writer


 Small Victories opening with Prof. Svilen Stefanov, curator, art historian, author and great artist to whom i owe my very first solo show Everythiung Is under Control back in the 2003 in the XXL Gallery, Sofia
Arosita Gallery, 11.2019 Photo: © the artist

Everything Is Under Control solo show opening, XXL Gallery, Sofia 2003 With Svilen Stefanov and Ivan Kiuranov Photo: © the artist


With Svetoslav Todorov - writer, editor, correspondent and curator of the Small Victories exhibition. Arosita Gallery, 11.2019 Photo: © the artist