Situation Normal All Fucked Up


Situation Normal: All Fucked Up (SNAFU)*

object, phorography printed on 300lb photo paper, mounted on board, topmaster professional nivel
image size 32,5 x 37 cm, framed size: 35 х 40 cm, Edition of 5+1 AP, Anton Terziev, 09.2022

Photo: © the artist
Courtesy the artist


View of the Costa Concordia taken on January 14, 2012, after the cruise ship ran aground and keeled over off the Isola del Giglio. 32 passengers and crew members drowned after the Italian ship with some 4,200 people on board ran aground. The Costa Concordia was on a trip around the Mediterranean when it hit a reef near the island of Giglio, only a few hours into its voyage, as passengers were sitting down for dinner. Last night, 613 days after the original incident, Salvage crews successfully rolled the Costa Concordia into an upright position.

Foto credit: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images
In the making. Photo: © the artist
Situation Normal All Fucked Up is part of "Everything you need" exhibition, BKI, Prague, 15. 11. / 15. 12. 2022 curated by Rositsa Getsova