Quiet Riots 5

Quiet Riots 5: You Might Settle For Less But I Won't / Задоволяваш се с малко, но при мен няма да е така - oil on canvas, 195x140 cm, 2021 Courtesy of the artist Credit: Svetoslav Todorov
(It started from The 50€ bill (2-10) sketch, 2019 and is partly inspired by Michael Haneke's movie The Seventh Continent, 1989)


On display ot Structura Gallery, Sofia, 23.06.2022 - 30.07.2022, part of SPONTANEOUS CONNECTIONS BETWEEN UNRELATED PHENOMENA, Exhibition of the 2008-2021 BAZA award winners . Photo: Structura Gallery

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Quiet Riots

In this series things move on several layers, with different speed and direction. The title itself contains a paradox. The idea came from my wish to throw a bridge over to my father, at the end of his life. To repair our failed connection by putting myself in his shoes. A peculiar archeology of childhood in search of lost time became integrated into the background. And on the foreground are the forms of resistance, which are of great interest to me for being the light part of every person’s biography. When do they become conscious, what paths they follow, how do they entice us. That’s why I put my son in open situations of generational and cultural dissonance. These are knots, which I’d like to untie and reconfigure myself.